IWB V8 Software

Classroom IWB Software for School

Hanshin’s IWB Software V8 is a professional tool which is specific for the educational purposes. It provides the comprehensive
functions to facilitate the users to prepare the interesting teaching materials. It comes with Hanshin’s Interactive Whiteboard and
Multi-Touch Panel to support different functions for enhancing the interactivity of the class.

Below listed is the comments towards IWB software from our valuable clients,
– Software is well presented with loads of tools and plugins.
– Tools are very clear to find on the tool bar.
– Functions are plentiful and easy to use.
– The required tools for Interactivity are all presented and functioned well.
– The software tools are managed easily for the new users and experienced educational practitioners.
– This is able to share the content to mobile devices with our eNote apps via same internal network.

Software overall is complied to what most of the educators require with a lot of added features. The modern design of pull down menu
is attached for selecting the different pen styles. Moreover, the function of instant content sharing will also be added at the latest
version of our software for the enhancement of class interactivity in the ever-changing communications world.