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Hanshin eNote Flip-Chart digitally capture, save and share your whiteboard notes. What you see on the eNote Flip-Chart is synchronizing with the mobile phone, tablet or PC. eNote Flip- Chart App lets user add private notes to the shared content on the mobile device, allows user to create its own notes.

Real mobility by connecting with a portable power bank.

Create your own library on your mobile phone in eNote Flip-Chart App.

Save, WhatsApp & email the notes as PDF or JPG.

PIN Code Protect sensitive work with encrypted connection.

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Main Page Icon Functions:


  • Pointer: Scaling the Scrolling the whiteboard
  • Marker Pen: Drawing in one’s own device
  • Eraser: Erasing in one’s own device
  • Share Pen: Drawing while synchronizing with other devices
  • Library: Storage for saved files
  • Add User: Add Users to join the Session

Marker Pen

You can change the color by press and hold on the Marker Pen’s / Share pen’s Icon

Smart Pen-tray

Smart pen tray Include sensors which can detect pen picking up changing the input colour directly.

Save as jpg / pdf and share

Easy to share the files to others in real-time.