Smart Thermal Detector

Screening System

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HANSHIN – Smart Thermal Detector (Screening System):

  • HANSHIN’s Smart Thermal Detector make use of thermal, infrared, environment temperature and AI features concept.
  • Body temperature measurement done in 2 seconds. This system is benefit for quick scanning, no human error and high privacy.
  • Trigger the system alert automatically if the body temperature is exceed the threshold.
  • Connection with internet and CMS system with encryption makes easy for recording, tracking, doing analyses and statistic.



Cortex-A40i / Android 7

Screen Size

10.2″ IPS Display

Measure Sensor

Thermal, Optical, Infrared


NFC, WiFi, LAN x 1, USB x 2


DC12V / 1A


L 38 x W 24 cm


1.5 KG

Operating Temperature

10 to 40°C

Storage Temperature

-10 to 60°C


± 0.3°C

Measuring Distance

10 – 35 cm

NFC RFID Frequency

13.56 MHz Mifare 1 s50, s70 / Mifare Ultra-Light / Mifare Pro / Mifare DESFire

Stand of Smart Thermal Detector

Mobile Stand

Wall Mount

Stand for Kid

Desktop Mount